Friday, September 17, 2010

On Vadapav

Statutory warning: Consuming this blog post is very injurious to health - may cause acute shrinkage of brain power and thinking abilities. May cause intellectual paralysis and lead to rapid rolling of eyeballs within socket. Mild disorientation and faintness can also be expected.

People who haven't stepped into Maharashtra- vadapav is a fried potato cutlet/patty/mysore bonda (called vada) sandwiched between a rectangular bun (called pav).

Why do we like vadapav so much? Why is it such a good snack? It is questions like this that keep me up at night. It is questions like this that need deep thought and push me to take long walks and engage in some quality deep thinking. I think I may have found the answer to this question (yes, please sit down, I am also reeling in excitement).

First, I would like to submit exhibit A, B and C for the defense:

Did you look at the photos. What do you see? I see innocuous looking buns suddenly turning violent and trying to gobble up the poor potato patty. Such rowdy behavior! When we are served a vadapav, what we see is the bun trying very vigorously to swallow the patty by wrapping it's enormous mouth over it. And, instinctively we feel wronged. We bought the vada and the pav to eat, and we are facing the imminent risk of losing the vada and just having the pav to eat. What we do? - we get competitive and jump into the fray and start eating the vadapav before the pav could eat the vada.

That is why it tastes so good. If you grew up with a sibling, you would understand. Even the lousiest of foods instantly transform into the most delectable delicacy if your brother or sister (or friend) wants it. If he wants it, I also want it. If he is trying to eat it, I will eat it first. If the pav wants the vada, I want it even more. Vadapav appeals to this instinct in us - that is why it tastes so good, and an entire state gobbles down lakhs of vadapavs every day.

Also, people who are intrigued by this, and planning to pursue their PhDs in vadapav research, I'll let you in on another top-notch discovery of mine. You know what vadapav resembles, and where it gets its gluttonous behavior from - I have one word for you - pacman. (Yes - your suspicion is right, I am a genius, and if you are planning to nominate me for the Nobel prize, please do so next year...this year I am busy during December and won't be able to go to Stockholm to collect the prize personally). Thanks for your consideration.


Anonymous said...

After reading Stephen Hawking's " A brief history of time" and the commentary on his forthcoming book "The Grand Design", I don't think that I will experience acute shrinkage of brain power and thinking abilities or intellectural paralysis leading to rapid rolling of eyeballs within socket.

Chandrima said...


Vibhor said...

Sure you have too much free time on hand!!

And you got to eat that thing just like Pacman gulps everything down and then enjoy the after-taste.

The Visitor said...

Dear M,

You have revealed the ultimate truth of the world, nay, the universe. My mind is still reeling under the impact of this mind-boggling post.

magesh said...

@ Anon - A brief history of time - is probably the most-eagerly-and-widely-bought-but-least-read books of all time. I don't take such risks in life - like reading a book titled "The Grand Design".

@ Chandrima - :)

@Vibhor - don't malign hardworking govt. people. Also, good advice on gulping down. Add a nice fried hot green chilly to the mix - and the results will be explosive.

@ Visitor - I did hesitate a bit before writing this post and wondered if people could "handle the truth" of such mind-bending intensity. Apparently people could. Though some reeling and staggering is involved while you digest the facts...the end is all right.

Anonymous said...

Great food for thought! After all food is an important part of a balanced diet.Your blog proves there is no love sincerer than the love for food.Also wonderful fun lens.

magesh said...

@ Anon - Food for thought, fuel for the body. A bun, a patty, a phenomenon.

Vibhor said...

Just a food for thought, now that you have started writing about food and your take on it.
How about someday writing about Beer and food combos, your favorites and some deadly reasoning about why Beer froths, aftertaste etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Never thought there could be such an 'explanation' about Vada Pav! :D And thank god for the bonda-vada clarification for those who have not set foot in Maharashtra.

I just tried vada pav in Bombay once and didn't like it.Settled on samosa pav therefore. But I s'pose even there your creative sibling rivalry analogue basically stands!

magesh said...

@ Uncle Srini: samosa pav is equally good - just some plain old fashion sandwiching one carb with another - preferably one fried and other baked!

Gaurav Sharma said...

what a ridiculous sense of humor u have!...
what a shitty blog.. lord how did i land up here.. i was looking for a pacmansque vada pav logo