Monday, April 19, 2010

Phoonk 2: The Death of Evolution

I had the pleasure of watching this wonderful movie. I consider myself blessed and privileged for being able to be a part of this epochal event. For, it is not every day that you get to watch the end of the world, the death of evolution.

A film review is supposed to inform the reader and help him/her make the right choice. Let me help you, PLEASE!!!

Consider this: Imagine you are on a two hour flight. You are sitting next to a friend whose idea of entertainment is to scare you. And he does this by turning to you suddenly after every 30 seconds and screams “BOOOO”.

You, being a good sport that you are, humor him for the first 10 min….20 min…..30 min and act amused, even though you know that after every half minute he is going to do the same action, make the same loud noise. You hope that your friend picks-up your impatience and changes his act or shut-up.

What if he continues doing the same silly, grossly stupid actions for the next two hours, non-stop? Turning to you as if for the first time and screaming BOOOO….after every half minute. That is how I felt after watching the movie.

It is an insult to anyone’s intelligence to expect them to be scared by doing the same stupid s*** for two hours. It takes advantage of the fact that the viewer can see and hear and keeps assaulting those senses. This movie is an insult to your intelligence (expecting you to be scared on watching the same old trick being played over and over again). It is an insult to human senses. It is an insult to evolution that helped humans develop the senses of sight and sound.

People might trick you into watching this movie by saying things like “come on yaar, this is just fun”, “I just want to watch a mindless horror movie” etc. Please do yourselves (and humanity) a favor and run away from there, as far as you could – and celebrate the fact that you helped stop the death of evolution.


GB said...

Come on yaar, it will be fun! And to be fair, the posters do say that Phoonk 2 is coming to kill you :P


Anonymous said...

It was an illogical film